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Technology on the Agenda

Technology on the Agenda
October 25, 2019 Sissel Mittet

Technology on the Agenda

Cutting-edge technology has always been high on the MHWirth agenda, and by appointing our Pål Skogerbø as CTO, Chief Technology Officer, we revitalize and reinforce our technology agenda.

The volatile and fast changing market situation require us to quickly adapt our technology strategy and to develop dynamic roadmaps. As a consequence of that we have to think differently and find new paths to achieve future goals beyond present solutions. As an example, we will continue to initiate and develop together with key partners to ensure speed of innovation. At the same time working with key partners allow us to share experience and knowledge resulting in new opportunities, such as we already have achieved with great success in the digital domain.

“Our new CTO will have a wide and important mandate for MHWirth, bringing our innovation process, technology strategy and technology road-maps to the forefront of the industry,” states Eirik Bergsvik, CEO MHWirth.

Bjarne Sandrib will head-up Digital Technology. “Digital technology will continue to play an important part in our technology agenda. Digitalization is a mega-trend and we believe that automation and digitalization will be the key to major changes in our industry. Leaps in efficiency and reduction of people on the rig is dependent on automation and digitalization,” says Bjarne Sandrib.


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