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Drilling Fluid Processing and High Pressure Manifolds

Drilling Fluid Processing and High Pressure Manifolds

Unprecedented accuracy and control ensuring superior mixing results and long-lasting mud circulation solutions.

Mud Pumps

MHWirth’s mud pumps deliver pressure and fluid volumes to meet all your project requirements both on- and offshore. With less noise and vibration, our mud pumps reduce service costs and increase operational efficiency. Our gear driven drive has an extended lifetime of up to 50 000 hours and is more durable than tr...

HP Manifolds

MHWirth provides flexible and light-weight high pressure (HP) manifold solutions. The compact frame design of our choke and kill manifolds allow for easy installation and commissioning of a complete unit in “plug and play” concept. The open structure of the frame and the control system ensure easy and safe access for o...

Circulation and Storage

With the ability to handle any drilling fluid type, we deliver pumps, agitators and instrumentation for the mud pits. MHWirth’s agitation program is designed to reduce the settling of materials falling to the bottom of the tank and our tank cleaning system is designed for fast and proper cleaning of mud pits. Our mud ...

Bulk Storage

MHWirth’s bulk storage and transfer solutions are optimized for high transfer rates and ensure operational efficiency in both on- and offshore operations. Our tailor-made bulk storage tanks allow for size optimal use of the given volume requirements. The high emptying efficiency of our tanks increases the operational v...

Drilling Fluid Additive Syst.

MHWirth’s drilling fluid additive system allows for the dust-free handling of additives and meets the highest HSSE and efficiency standards. Our sack cutting units are equipped with built-in dust evacuation system covers and are engineered to accommodate multi-layered to poly woven sacks. Our surge tanks, with feeder,...

Drilling Fluid Control Systems

The MHWirth drilling fluid control systems provide an automated and controlled operation of all drilling fluid processes. Our control systems portfolio is designed to meet any customers expectations to mud processing systems. Operation in our DrillView™ human machine interface (HMI) is mainly done from a control room ...

Real-Time Monitoring

A large variety of sensors can be provided and integrated in your MHWirth system to enhance the real-time monitoring of your mud properties. Our real-time well-in and well-out mud monitoring capabilities give you a safer operation. Flow, density and rheology is just some of the information provided that allows for ear...

Solids Control Systems

MHWirth’s solids control systems separates drilled cuttings from the mud. Our solutions are highly flexible and integrate into both proprietary and third party equipment. We provide solutions for recovery of lost circulation materials and triple deck shakers. Our comprehensive product portfolio consists of everythin...

Waste Management

MHWirth’s waste management system provides for the safe transport and handling of cuttings. We provide highly flexible solutions that facilitate the integration of our systems into third party equipment. Including cuttings re-injection units, injection HP pumps and tank cleaning packages, our waste management system p...

High Pressure XTRM™ Gate Valves

The MHWirth XTRM™ Gate Valve products offer an advanced and robust pressure control solution to the industry. Designed for use in extreme service, our XTRM™ valves meet the most challenging environments in the modern oilfield. Our XTRM™ Gate Valves are suitable for use in multiple environments including drilling, pr...

Major Projects

Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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About Us

As the largest subsidiary of Akastor, MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 13 countries.

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Our Services

We offer global drilling lifecycle services (DLS), training and superior customer service and support through the lifetime of product.

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