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Large Diameter Reverse Circulation Subsea Drilling

Large Diameter Subsea Reverse Circulation Drilling

For the extraction of resources from the seabed, MHWirth provides an offshore drilling system. A large diameter drill bit loosens the material from the seabed. Using efficient and environmentally-friendly airlift technology, the material is transported vertically through a large diameter airlift drill string to the drilling vessel.

Compared to other solutions, our airlift technology uses only robust components with limited complexity under water, thus maximizing equipment availability and optimizing operational costs (OPEX). It is therefore a very efficient method to continuously transport large quantities of coarse solids, as well as muddy and soft material, applicable in a broad range of applications. MHWirth is involved in the extraction of diamonds and methane hydrate from the seabed.






Reliable and powerful airlift technology to continuously transport large volumes of coarse solids as well as muddy or soft material