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Drilling, Make and Break

Drilling, Make and Break

Uninterrupted drilling operations and high performance – Our drilling, make and break equipment is a powerful collaborator during drilling operations.


Top Drives

MHWirth’s field-proven top drives are designed to perform safe, effective and uninterrupted operations for both conventional and RamRig™ solutions; on land and offshore installations. Remote controlled and fully integratable with any anticollision systems, our top drives preserve maximum operational safety and offer t...


MHWirth’s roughnecks are the product of a 30 year legacy of field experience combined with rigorous design and development. Featuring proven dependability and high performance, our roughnecks facilitate drilling operations by providing safe and reliable connections for drill pipes, drill collars, casings, cross-over subs ...


The award winning RamRig™ technology is the ultimate solution for deep-water operations, providing dual rig functionality to achieve optimal drilling time. MHWirth’s RamRig™ solutions have successfully operated in international waters, particularly in harsh environments and ultra-deep water areas. The system com...


MHWirth’s field-proven drawworks are part of our proud product heritage and with a well-balanced ratio between load and speed, our drawworks allow for faster tripping and stand building operations. Our drawworks’ direct water cooled motors reduce service costs and increase HSSE while our dual independent disc brake sys...

Rotary Tables

Serving as a backup system to the top drive and supporting make and break operations, MHWirth’s rotary tables provide the power you need to turn the drill string and is designed to carry the weight when making up a new connection. We offer state-of-the-art hydraulic and electric driven rotary tables for onshore and offsh...


Eliminating the need for personnel in the red zone, our unique slips frame facilitates the safe, easy and reliable remote operation of manual slips from various suppliers. MHWirth’s slips frame is operated by a pedal valve in the driller’s cabin and other strategic locations on the drill floor, away from red zone, e...


MHWirth’s catheads are a compact and highly reliable solution for make up and break out operations of drill pipe and drill collars with rig tongs. Our remote controlled operation ensures the highest caliber of safety during drilling operations and with its small footprint and integrated valve cabinet, our cathead...

Back Up Stabbers

MHWirth’s back up stabbers meet the performance requirements needed to perform back up operations when high stick up requirements are needed. Fully integrated into any anti-collision system, our back up stabbers ensure the highest safety factor in drilling and are fully retractable when not in use. With simple insta...

Mud Buckets

MHWirth’s mud buckets are used to safely transport mud away from the drill floor during wet tripping and break-out operations. Our mud buckets are remote controlled and fully integrated into all anti-collision systems allowing you to put operational and personnel safety first. With a straightforward design, our mu...


Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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About Us

As the largest subsidiary of Akastor, MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 12 countries.

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Our Services

We offer global drilling lifecycle services (DLS), training and superior customer service and support through the lifetime of product.

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