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Structures and Traveling Equipment

Structures and Traveling Equipment

Structures and Traveling Equipment

Structural integrity and equipment support for both on- and offshore operation.

Mast and Sub Structures

Based on a legacy of more than 1 000 Pyramid™ masts and derricks since 1956, MHWirth provides mast and sub-structures according to your specifications and industry standard. As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we have the in-depth technical knowledge of equipment and interfaces to provide you with the most effective so...


Used for both floating and fixed installations, MHWirth’s RamRig™ technology eliminates the need for a large derrick with a drawworks, drillstring compensators, etc. improving the overall economy of the offshore field development. This is the most optimal rig alternative currently available in the marketplace and ...

Derricks and Masts

Derricks and masts are vital structural fixtures to a drilling operation. They support the top side drilling equipment set, enabling the equipment to function the way it was engineered to. Each of MHWirth’s derricks and masts are customizable and dynamically designed to suit the specific performance goals of your op...

Traveling Equipment

Steeped in field proven designs that meet classification society standards, our comprehensive traveling equipment product portfolio ensures you the structural integrity, safety and reliability you have come to count on during critical rig operations. Smooth operations, easy access to all components and built–to-suit...

Crown Blocks

Robust and field-proven crown blocks ensure efficient hoisting of high loads, even in rough offshore conditions. Our high performance crown blocks combine a strong focus on HSSE and ergonomics. The system consists of a crown block sheave cluster, fast line idler sheaves and dead line idler sheaves and all three units are b...


Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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About Us

As the largest subsidiary of Akastor, MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 13 countries.

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Our Services

We offer global drilling lifecycle services (DLS), training and superior customer service and support through the lifetime of product.

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