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Pile Top Rigs

RCD Rigs/Pile Top Drill Rigs

MHWirth is your first choice for reliable pile top systems for onshore and offshore applications. Cost efficiency and outstanding performance are the key factors that make us stand out from the competition.

Our pile top drill rigs (PBA) provide the most efficient solution for foundation drilling in mixed ground, boulders and hard rock. Six different machine models cover the diameter range from 0.6 to 8.0 m and can also be used to drill inclined, battered or raker piles. Our PBAs work on the reverse circulation drilling (RCD) method – a highly efficient drilling procedure. MHWirth is the world market leader in RCD.

We also provide a full range of hydraulic power packs (HPU). All HPUs present leading edge technology and are optionally available as multi purpose units allowing to also drive auxiliary equipment.

Our customers also benefit from our special tools for outstanding drilling projects, such as

  • Large diameter drilling bits up to 8.0 m
  • Rock bits with stinger
  • Drill bits with integrated underreamer pneumatic underreamer
  • Hydraulic underreamer with rotor and separate power pack
  • Milling tools to cut steel/deformed casings
  • Steel-pile cutting tools for decommissioning of oil and gas platforms
  • Cutters for all geological conditions up to 350 MPa (tool cutter, button cutter, button disc cutter)

Main Applications (Onshore and Offshore Foundation)

  • Superstructures and buildings
  • Anchoring of oil and gas platforms
  • Marine structures, such as harbors, quay extensions, piers, jetties, dolphins, berths and dry docks
  • Bridges, piers and causeways
  • Marine sewerage diffusers
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Dam rehabilitation
  • Decommissioning of oil and gas platforms



  • Up to 15 % improved drilling performance
  • MHWirth is the world market leader in reverse circulation drilling (RCD)
  • >97 % unmatched availability

Blind Shaft Boring Rigs

We supply a large range of shaft boring machines for the excavation of vertical shafts.  Our L-range drill rigs are an economical solution for efficient drilling of shafts with large diameters and depths up to 1000 metres. Equipped with hydraulic support for rigging up, these rigs outperform many others.


Picture of blind shaft boring rig


  • Blind shaft drilling is safer than conventional methods
  • Only five people per shift to run the machine
  • Simple and robust airlift technology without mechanical wear significantly reduces operational costs (OPEX)