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MHWirth has a long-standing legacy of providing single equipment sales and service to semi-submersible rig owners.

With field-proven concepts and a variety of hull designs, our equipment base is operating in a global offshore environment.

Our fit-for-purpose rig concepts have been developed in conjunction with the vessel designers giving you the best design to meet the needs of your project. Our comprehensive product portfolio, includes semisubmersible packages with conventional drawworks hoisting systems or a RamRig™ solution.

Our global team of engineers enables you to create a package to suit your hull design and provide 24/7 operational support and spare-parts.


Proven ability to operate in harsh offshore conditions


Structural Items
Drill floor

Hoisting System – Conventional
Crown mounted compensator
incl. crown block
Drill line
Dead line anchor
Drill line drum
Traveling block

Hoisting System – RamRig™
2-6 plunger cylinders
Yoke with sheaves
Hoisting wires (no cut and slip)
Accumulator for passive and active compensation
Nitrogen system (pressure vessel, nitrogen generator and compressors)
Modularized hydraulic power unit

Drilling, Make and Break Equipment
Top drive with retractable dolly
Rotary table
Roughneck for well center
Roughneck for standbuilding
Mud bucket
Power slips
Back-up stabber

Tubular Handling Equipment
Vertical pipe racker
Finger boards
Mouse holes
Tubular feeding machine
Pipe deck pipe handler

BOP and Riser incl. Subsea Area
Handling Equipment
BOP (third party delivery)
Riser package including tools
Riser tensioning system
Guide- and pod-line tensioning system
BOP crane
BOP trolley/LMRP guide
Under-hull guiding for BOP and XT
X-mas tree crane
X-mas tree trolley
X-mas tree skids
Riser gantry crane
Riser feeding machine

Miscellaneous Equipment
Access basket in derrick and moon-pool
Manrider winches for derrick and moon-pool
Utility winches for derrick and moon-pool
Coil tubing frame and reel
Derrick personnel lift

Control and Automation Systems
Drilling control cabin
DrillView™ (human machine interface)
CCTV (closed circuit television)
CADS (configurable automatic drilling system)
SZMS (anti collision)

Drilling Fluid Processing and HP
Manifolds and Pumps
C&K Manifold
Shale Shakers
Mud Cleaners
Mud Agitators
Mud Pumps
Surge Tank
Flow Divider
Sack Cutting Machine
Bulk Storage Tanks
Mud Mixing
Mud Standpipe Manifold
Cement Standpipe Manifold


Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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About Us

As the largest subsidiary of Akastor, MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 13 countries.

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Our Services

We offer global drilling lifecycle services (DLS), training and superior customer service and support through the lifetime of product.

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