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Automation and Software

Automation and Software

DEAL™ – the key to drilling automation

MHWirth’s drilling system platform, DSPx, enables digitization, increased automation and integration of MHWirth and third party software products and services.


DEAL solution

DEAL™ and Smart Modules 

DEAL™ by MHWirth is a platform that enables the installation of performance enhancing software modules. Smart Modules communicate with the drilling equipment controllers to optimize the operations required to drill a well. The platform is an open interface that enables a reliable, simple and effective gateway to the MHWirth drilling equipment. With DEAL™ installed, adding of select Smart Modules is done with reduced downtime and risk.

DEAL™ acts as a layer between the equipment PLCs and Smart Modules. Equipment PLCs control the drilling equipment. Smart modules are modules that are added to enhance the control system of the rig. For example, a module that enables automated tripping.

DEAL™ enables simple installation of new Smart Modules through a defined interface, not requiring changes to the machine. DEAL™ removes the need for new connections to all the machines when introducing new Smart Modules.


CADS 2.0

CADS 2.0 by MHWirth is a system to automate rig sequences. Typical CADS sequences are tripping, drilling connection and stand building. However, CADS 2.0 can run any sequence.

Automation of repetitive sequences helps achieve increased performance and consistency by reducing the human factor in repetitive tasks like long tripping runs. CADS 2.0 is a transparent system designed to keep the operator informed of what is happening. If operator confirmation or adjustment is required, the correct controls are presented to the operator in contextual aware operator screens.

CADS 2.0 runs on top of DEAL so once DEAL is installed CADS 2.0 can be added without updating machine control systems.



drillersAssist by MHWirth is a Smart Module that assists the driller with down hole operations. It offers automation of well construction sequences, and protective limits safeguarding the well. This helps with efficient and consistent well construction. drillersAssist is a smart module that runs on top of DEAL™.

drillersAssist can be extended by 3rd party dynamic models. These dynamic models will reduce the need for the operators to manually configure the system. MHWirth can take responsibility for a turn-key delivery including a 3rd party dynamic model.

All functions and protective limits in drillersAssist are configured by the operator based on input from the well plan, mud logger and other sources.



EKD Smart Module by MHWirth is a robust and easy-to-use software module that automatically detects kick (influx) or loss during various drilling operations. The adaptive detection algorithm which requires no extra instrumentation or manual configuration inputs, adjusts automatically to the current well. It continuously analyses the well conditions and informs the driller if a kick or loss is detected. EKD Smart Module is a fully integrated add-on to MHWirth’s standard drilling control system and HMI.

EKD calculates at real time, estimates of any influx or loss, and warnings/alarms if predefined limits are exceeded. The EKD HMI is integrated seamlessly into MHWirth’s standardized HMI.

The natural dynamic variations in mud volume during various drilling operations are accounted for, thus reducing the number of false alarms.

The unique self-learning algorithm requires no manual inputs of configuration data to set up the system, and it will adapt to the current well and situation.

EKD™ utilizes the sensors and communication interface already present on the rig, hence no new instrumentation is required.


Soft Torque Z

Delivering smoother and faster drilling, MHWirth’s SoftTorque Z mitigates oscillations on the drill bit and torsional vibrations, with ease. The SoftTorque Z incorporates Shell’s Z-torque technology with a user-friendly automated interface, designed to reduce well cost and optimize rig efficiency.

During drilling operations, the top drive provides continuous torque and revolutions per minute (RPM) to the drill string unit. Due to varying geological conditions and drill bit frictions, the constant input from the top drive does not go through the drill string steadily, resulting in large fluctuations of torque and RPM down at the bottom hole assembly (BHA). This leads to torsional vibrations or the stick-slip effect with negative impact on drilling performance and equipment deterioration.

MHWirth’s SoftTorque Z is based on Shell’s Z-torque technology and is beneficial both for drilling at great depth as well as for shallow drillings. It continuously measures torsional vibrations in the drill hole and dynamically regulates around the torque and speed set points accordingly. This mitigates the torque vibrations in the drill string and reduces or even eliminates the stick-slip effect.



The MHWirth optiWOB smart module minimizes weight on bit (WOB) variations and boosts the performance of the drill string compensating system.

In all heave compensator systems, there is friction. This comes from cylinder pistons, wire sheaves, guide rails, etc. This friction force works against the heave motion and results in variations in weight on bit (WOB) when drilling.

WOB variations lead to several disadvantages:

  • Reduced rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Excessive wear on drill bit
  • High WOB setting or risk bit lift off
  • Fluctuations in rotation torque

Our optiWOB smart module counters the friction in the passive compensator system by using the Active Heave Compensator (AHC) already installed on most MHWirth compensators and RamRig™ deliveries. optiWOB increases the possible drilling rate of penetration and reduces wear on the drilling equipment.



With an increasing amount of information and automatic functions while drilling offshore, situational awareness becomes more and more important. MHWirth’s beAware™ platform compiles the right information – for the right people at the right time.

beAware™ platform collects, presents and shares offshore operational information between all actors involved in the drilling process. It improves collaboration between teams and streamlines digital reporting.

The beAware suite is designed and tested through close collaboration with users. Throughout the process the users have been involved and helped shape the products, so they are aimed to solve the challenges faced by the drill crews on a daily basis.

beAware currently include the following products:

  • wellAware
  • drillView GO
  • eTally



wellAware can bee seen as a top-down view of the well. The most important information is shown in overview screen, to be used as a common truth for collaboration across the team both offshore and onshore. Zoom out to get an overview and zoom in to see details. The actual and planned well is shown together with live information from the drillstring, supplying a live view of drillstring position and progress in the well.

The main functions of wellAware are:

  • Gathers information from different sources to present downhole information in one shared overview
  • Displays data integrated from smart modules, such as Drillers Assist
  • Visual representation of the well that shows planned, historical, calculated and actual information in the same well map, for an instant understanding of the situation
  • Shows BOP together with eTally™ drill string information, which shows space out through the BOP and indicates non-shareables
  • Includes a weather template, providing an overview of current weather, forecast and history in one view


drillView GO

drillView GO is context-based operational screens for safer and more efficient drilling related operations. The screens show the relevant information based on the situation so the users can focus on safely drilling the well.

Since drillView GO is what the operator sees when drilling the well, it integrates elements from other beAware™ products, such as wellAware™ well map and eTally™ running tally. Also, information from the smart modules are integrated to ensure that the operator stays informed.

drillView GO is an enabler for digital reports, such as drilling parameter log, trip sheet and kill sheet.



MHWirth’s eTally™ logistic software makes offshore tubular handling more efficient and transparent. Critical data related to the drill string is managed and reported in a user-friendly dashboard.

Our digital eTally™ solution provides full control on all drill pipes, casings and drill string components and replaces any manual tally book. Information is transparently presented in user-friendly dashboards and give all stake holders a common knowledge regarding the drilling items.

The tubulars are tracked by integration into the drilling control system and RFID or similar tagging systems are not required.


  • Increase efficiency and lowering operational cost
  • Enabler for data driven services



Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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