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Control and Automation

Control and Automation

Remote controlled systems providing safe and accurate control of critical systems during drilling operations.

Automation and Software

DEAL™ and Smart Modules - the key to drilling automation MHWirth’s drilling system platform enables digitization, increased automation and integration of MHWirth and third party software products and services. DEAL™ by MHWirth is a platform that enables the installation of performance enhancing software modules called...

Operator Environment

MHWirth’s operator environments are designed to ensure safe, efficient and reliable working conditions and operations. The design, components and materials of our driller’s control cabin (DCC), the operator chair (OCH) and CCTV focus on providing you with the highest degree of safety while keeping maintenance to a...

HMI - Software Products

We provide a comprehensive product portfolio of software products that create safe, controlled and efficient drilling operations. Our user-friendly DrillView™ human machine interface (HMI) system provides intuitive and reliable real-time control and automation of drilling data and alarms. A large number of product...

HMI - Hardware Products

The MHWirth control system is connected via a fiber optical drilling network with redundant design. Our secure network ensures that the system is highly resistant to external threats such as malicious software and unintended intrusions.  Redundant DrillView™ servers and domain controllers ensure stable operations a...


MHWirth offers a wide range of interface solutions, and is capable of integrating all kinds of third party systems into our control systems. MHWirth uses the wellsite information transfer specification (WITS) to transfer data between our DrillView™ system and various third party service systems. Typically systems such...


Our extensive project experience and execution provide complete drilling systems and equipment on an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction basis.

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About Us

As the largest subsidiary of Akastor, MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 13 countries.

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Our Services

We offer global drilling lifecycle services (DLS), training and superior customer service and support through the lifetime of product.

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