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Corporate Logotype

Corporate Logotype

The MHWirth brand is protected. We grant permission to use the logo for non-commercial purposes and journalistic coverage of MHWirth, provided that the following guidelines are complied with. All other use is prohibited without prior explicit permission.


The proportions of the logo are never to be changed, switched around or stretched. The font mhwirth shall always be used with the logo symbol. The logo consists of an icon with appurtenant typography in a readable easily visible text. The four logo options are:

  • The full colored, standard logo (preferred) is the blue and grey version
  • The black and grey logo is used for printing in black and white
  • The black logo is used when the background is white or very light
  • The white (negative) logo is used on a dark or black background

The vertical version of the logo is used when appropriate, for instance, due to space limitations, or in other situations when the vertical variant works best. This logo comes in four options too. The above guidelines apply.

If you have any questions about the use or need high resolution version of the MHWirth logo, please contact us.