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Internship Brings New Ideas

Internship Brings New Ideas
November 22, 2019 Sissel Mittet

This autumn, MHWirth hosted two interns from the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. At the end of November, Tone Brath and Rayan Saeed will accomplish their four months internship with MHWirth in the Accounting & Controlling department and the Operational Support department.

An internship program is an opportunity for graduate students to work in a company to gain practical experience and insight into real-world business challenges. For MHWirth this is a good opportunity to present ourselves to engaged and talented people, and to learn from fresh perspectives and specialized skill sets. This practice period goes in parallel with classes.

“We are thankful to MHWirth and the University of Agder for giving us this opportunity,” both Tone and Rayan express.

“During this internship, I have worked on different tasks within the finance department, such as the cash flow analysis, product controlling, budget preparations and Lean – an operations strategy, improving our efficiency in meeting customer needs”, Tone explains “This has given me good insight into how a finance department of a big company operates, and I have gained practical skills and valuable workplace experience. It has been a pleasure working with such competent and nice co-workers”.

Rayan adds: “I have worked with several projects while being an intern at MHWirth, both small and large projects. From day one, I have been allowed to challenge myself in many ways, and this has given me the ability to develop my skills, both personally and professionally. Furthermore, working for MHWirth has given me an insight into how to work with real projects and learn from the best.”

Interns bring new ideas and diversity into MHWirth, and we welcome future interns to our company.



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