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Active Heave Compensating System Contract

Active Heave Compensating System Contract
December 20, 2017 Sissel Mittet

Active Heave Compensating System Contract

MHWirth is awarded a contract for supplying our Active Heave Compensating (AHC) System to a rig operating in Brazil.

The contract includes a new AHC system as well as an engineering scope to design the integration to the current passive compensating equipment.

The customer is preparing the rig for upcoming contract negotiations where a robust active compensating system is required. MHWirth was chosen based on the technical and commercial solution offered, fast delivery time and excellent support.

‘‘The contract awarded is a good example of how MHWirth is facing the market today, with flexibility and working in close partnership with the customers identifying solutions to make their rigs more competitive’’, says Trond Fiskum, SVP for Region Brazil in MHWirth.