Support Services

Support Services

Our experienced technical specialists and quick response times help you achieve optimal equipment performance.


Service Account Management

Direct communication enables us to meet your needs effectively and expedite critical issues when the need arises. Our dedicated Service Account Managers (SAMs) are your link to our onshore support network. As the single point of contact for both your rigs in operation and our internal technical support teams, our SAMs provide advice and a unique doorway to our global expertise and competence. Our SAMs expedite requests as efficiently as possible, and give you the personal attention and partnership required to resolve your issues.
Our myDrilling™ is an interactive, web-based communication platform developed by MHWirth for our customers. It shows on-going correspondence and accurate information to your rig crew at the right time.


Our SAMs connect the right resources together to solve the challenges you face during operations

Global Operational Support Center

Our technical support teams are available 24/7 to provide you with the support you need to keep your rigs operational. We provide first line technical support for critical issues on your current rig fleet and our 24/7 manned support center provides remote diagnostic service, online fault finding and troubleshooting to you from our global technical service hubs.


Our technical support is available for  you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Training and Performance Optimization

We offer client specific training to increase your personnel’s learning curve; focusing on operational efficiency and safety for new and experienced personnel. Our drilling simulators are a cost effective, risk free training method that puts your personnel in rig specific, realistic drilling environments.

Using the data provided by our Riglogger™ technology, we are able to gain insight into how the equipment has been used and performed, allowing us to better plan training of your crew and optimization of your rig.

To bring your rig crew to the next performance level MHWirth’s crew optimization services combine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specialized training with qualified OEM performance optimization instructors.


Our training

  • Facilitates safer operations and better HSSE performance
  • Improves productive time and operational performance







State-of-the-art facilities and training