MHWirth’s utility winch MK3 series provides safe and reliable lifting operations for a large variety of drilling applications both offshore and onshore. The compact winch is a flexible solution for heavy duty conditions.

Our utility winch is most commonly used on drillfloor and in the moonpool. With its compact design and a short distance from the winch to the first sheave, it can be applied in a broad range of rig types and layouts, such as drill ships, semi-submersible platforms as well as fixed platforms and land rigs.


MHWirth’s guideline winches provide safe and reliable guiding operations on floating rigs and vessels in heavy-duty conditions. Additionally, they are an efficient solution for subsea and platform lifting purposes in challenging working environments.

Our guideline winches are most commonly used in the moonpool for guiding and lifting operations. Based on MHWirth’s extensive knowledge of drilling operations in harsh offshore environments, our experienced specialists provide comprehensive advice on selecting the correct equipment according to your guideline tensioners’ needs, your rig layout and drilling requirements.



  • The utility winch allows installation of the winch in a location with low headroom and gives flexible control of several winches from the same portable remote control panel
  • The guideline winch gives full control of the whole winch system from one or several flexible remote-controlled panels/stands

Utililty Winch

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